'Modern School'

There are mainy secondary students in Janusz Korczak Primary School No. 61. The most attractive and the latest teaching methods and trends are expected by children's parents from the school. Teachers always do their best to cope with the high expectations. They promote the most important school values such as tolerance and respect for everyone, especially because of the large number of Ukrainian migrants and the students with different deficiencies and other problems (ADHD, Asperger's syndrome, autism). Education reform brought about the changes (new 7 and 8 classes, new teachers of the 1/3 teaching staff, students with special education needs). Not only it inflamed the problems but showed the need to enhance the lidership competence of the manegement team.

Craeating more attractive learning environment is much bigger challenge for us. The school works two shifts. There are two other schools situated in modern buldings in our neighbourhood. They have no premises problems but the teachers changes worsened the cooperation quality among the schools. We have been working on the development of students ' key competences for two years and searching for new working methods adapted to changing students' needs (and new 7,8 classes).

Last year we realized that we are not well prepared to work with the special needs students (migrants, deficiencies) despite of our theoretical course knowledge. We are experienced in realization, initiation and popularization Erasmus+, KA1, Power projects.

'Modern School' project will be accomplished in Janusz Korczak Primary School No. 61 from 01.06.2019 to 31.05. 2021. The aim of the project:

1. The improvement of the manegement quality.

2. The teaching improvement using new methods and tools of working with students ( the project method, new TIK applications, programming, teaching using practical action, use of multiple intelligences, CLIL, robotics).

3. Special needs students integration in their classes.

4. European values promotion developing interest in other cultures and international cooperation development.

5. Learning foreign languages motivation.

6. Educational space modernization.

The participants have been chosen accoring to the rules of The Foreign Mobility Participants Election and they are: headmaster of the school (H), deputy of the school (D), the school pedagogue who is also the project coordinator ( C ), primary education teacher and the geography teacher (G), technics and computer studies/informatics teacher in 4-8 classes and the beginning teacher of oligophrenopedagogy ( I ), head of the common room in the school and the beginning oligophrenopedagogue. ( O ).All of them have the knowledge of English at the B1 level and they are implementations leaders (except D ). They participated in the school previous Erasmus +K1 projects.

The following mobilities have been planned as part of the project:

1. 'School leadership and education innovation' improvement course 04-08.11.2019 (H) organized in Brussels.

2. Two 5 days job shadowings in Spanish schools in winter holidays 10-23.02.2020 in Colegiato Santa Maria, Madrid (D, G, O) and Colegio Don Bosco de Cabezo de Torres near Murcia (H, I, C).

3. Teaching assignment in Ceip San Bartolome, San Bartolome-Orihuella, 5 days in September-

October 2020 (H)

As part of the project we assume:

1. The working idea of long-term school preparation and the one for the next 5 years based on education leadership, key competence eduacation and European values propagation, implementation of innovative working methods. Revision of the value system, mission, the school vision with the teachers cooperation.

2. The project method implementation.

3. Implementation of new TIK applications, programming, robotics, computer studies/informatics classroom use in different school subjects.

4. Learning new methods, skills and sharing them with other school teachers for example Singapore method and teaching with practical action, use of multiple intelligence theories, CLIL, robotics in

Primary School No. 61 (after methods preparation)

5. Implementation of the tools supporting students' integration in the class.

6. Organization of Foreign Languages Day, the Spanish Day, the Project Day, Living Library

7. e-Twinning project realization, partners searching for the next Erasmus+KA1 i KA2 projects, POWER Transnational Students Mobility.

8. Preparation of possible recommendations of school reconstruction/enlargement and educational space reorganization.

We assume the project will affect

– all teachers of Primary School No. 61 thanks to presentations, implementation courses, cooperation trainings;

– the students and their parents- e-Twinning, KA2, PMU Power, Educational and Prevention Program realization, more interesting activities, new methods;

– teachers and headmasters taking part in our courses using educational materials prepared as part of the project;

– Spanish partnership schools- thanks to mutual learning.

Anyone can do exercises - School on the Move

In November 2013 our school joined a nationwide action by Ministry of National Education called Anyone Can Do Exercises organized within School on the Move project year. Ministry of National Education labels with this title schools that undertake actions to promote physical activities. To be granted such a label each school has to complete three tasks connected with developing physical activities.
Our school has chosen the following tasks:

Exercise at school
1. Physical Education – educational classes  organised within the curricula.
Tasks for PE teachers: providing documents showing good practices connected to physical activity of the school’s community which show that PE lessons can be interesting and engaging; providing two PE lesson plans.
2. Teachers' qualifications and improvement (area 4).
Task for PE teachers: teachers participation in scheduled courses on health/physical activity carried out by teacher development organizations.
2nd course/conference for teachers: ‘Head up – health starts in your head’,
‘More health, more life’,
‘Mindfulness - an effective stress reduction method and fighting professional and personal burnout’,
'Time for healthy diet’ – tasting and culinary workshop.
3. Extra-curricular sports classes (area 5).
Task for PE teachers: carrying out three actions connected to physical activity outside ordinary lessons.
Participating as fans with girls from classes 5 and 6 in women volleyball game between Impel Wrocław and PGNiG Nafta Piła. During a break our students taking part in ‘Volleymania’ project were presented and they had a chance to demonstrate their skills. Girls were also actively cheering our team and were able to get the autographs from their favourite players.
Participation of girls from classes 5 and 6 in Volleyball Festival in Wrocław that took place in Centennial Hall. That event promoted Men’s Volleyball World Championships 2014. Apart from competitions and contests (volleymania for classes 6), the organizers had planned plenty of attractions both for competitors and fans.  

Our students from classes 4, 5 and 6 participated in ‘Volleymania’ competition. ‘Volleymania’ is a unique programme introduced by the city of Wrocław that is connected wtih physical education of girls and aims at extending and spreading the system of teaching volleyball to schoolgirls. The programme started in March 2013 and included 20 primary schools in Wrocław. Because of our participation, our school got 15 volleyball kits and 20 balls. As a part of the programme our school organizes volleyball trainings twice a week in the afternoons. Moreover our students took part in 6 Volleymania competitions that took place on Saturdays.
4. Being active within families (area 8)
Task for PE teachers: organizing an event with participation of students’ closest family members.

We have carried out two events for students’ parents.
1. Active Saturday with parents – a family terrain run Our Health is in our Hands.
1. Active Saturday with parents –  fitness, dancing and karate classes Dance, Move and Gymnastics Work Well for the Body.

School in the City 2016 - 2017

School in the City project in a school year 2016/2017

Our school has participated in the project since 2013. Each and every student has had a chance to take part in various activities all around our city. Let us remind you that these activities are sponsored by our city’s municipality which is thus trying to make it natural to students to be part of Wroclaw’s cultural life. This school year (from September to December so far) due to a smaller budget we have visited less places than we would have wanted but still we managed to go to the venues that everyone simply has to visit. 

School’s coordinators of the project are: Violetta Jucha i Lidia Gustaw

School of Equal Treatment

For many years now we have been adopting numerous actions aiming at creating safe environment for our students. This school year in cooperation with  Foundation Prof. Bronisław Geremek Centre, we have joined the project, School of Equal Treatment. We’re focusing all our attention on fighting bullying in our school.

Every tenth student in Polish schools is bullied regularly, every second – abused verbally. It can be said that with great likelihood there isn’t a single school in Poland free of discrimination and prejudice-driven violence.

 Being aware of the importance of the problem, we hope that the actions that we undertake will lead to students’ understanding the sources of such behaviours. We are certain that only permanent shift in students’ attitudes can help us create school environment in such a way that it will be friendly to each and every child.

We can only talk about equal treatment at school when students fully exercise their rights – including the right to learn and the right to be safe.

Students who are daily subjected to bullying or isolation have only minor impact on other people’s behaviour towards them. That is why teacher’s role in creating an equality-fostering atmosphere is so important.

Our tutors, pedagogues and psychologists conduct lessons on bullying. The students have created slogans and logo for the campaign. With the help of our teacher, Wiktor Bernad, students from class 5b have recorded a short film about bullying. You can watch it on our website.

We will inform you on consecutive actions aimed at preventing discrimination.

We’ve got strong bones: A Glass of Milk campaign

 For a few years now our school has organized a campaign called A Glass of Milk. Students that take part in this campaign get a free carton of milk three times a week. For an extra fee, you can choose a flavoured version. Our kids’ favourite is the chocolate one.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania milk